AES are pleased to announce the supply of UP! branded 3D Printers. UP! are one of the leading names in 3D Printing solutions, providing advanced technology and safety at a very affordable price.

If you are looking to get your first 3D printer, an UP! machine should be strongly considered, as they are packed with features that will make your entry experience to
3D printing easier and more enjoyable.

All of the UP! machines that we currently stock auto level their printing platforms, this means that wonky builds, and incorrectly adjusted printing heights are a thing of the past. The machine auto calibrates before commencing the job, giving you peace of mind.

UP! are also at the forefront of mobile integration when it comes to 3D printer interaction. The UP! mobile app allows the user to control their print remotely, and to monitor the progress. Files can also be added to the app and then commenced directly from the device – this is particularly great on the UP! Mini 2, which stores up to 10 jobs in the system’s memory, making the repetition of your favourite builds easier than ever.

The UP! series of 3D printers include powerful ‘Smart UP’ Software with all of their 3D printers, meaning that users can enjoy maximum compatibility straight out of the box. The software simulates a build run allows the user to preview their build before the printing is even commenced.


The simulated build software gives a great advantage over other systems, as going in blind can often lead to a large waste of time and material. The software will also automatically add any removable support structures needed to complete the build, meaning that collapse and instability are removed from the even the trickiest of builds. The support material is easily removed from the final build, meaning tricky and dangerous cutting is kept to a minimum.

The UP! Box+ contains features usually only found on advanced 3D printers.
When the UP! Box+ loses power, it automatically pauses the job, so that when power
is regained, the job starts from where it left off, as if nothing happened at all. This saves the need to scrap a project in an already bad situation! The unit also features an incredibly high 100 micron printing resolution. The build size of the unit is very generous, at 255 x 205 x 205mm.


The UP! Mini 2 and the UP Box+ both feature integrated HEPA filtration. HEPA filtration is highly effective in removing dusts and particles created during printing, and having a HEPA filtration stage built in to the system protects the user from airborne plastic particles created during the build process. Although much is still unknown about the hazards of 3D printing dusts and fumes, having this additional filtration stage already present within the unit helps future-proof against any discovered contaminants. The HEPA Filter within the system also helps keep the printing chamber clean and free of sticky plastic dusts, meaning the rejection rate of 3D builds is reduced.

UP! 3D Printers are ideal for educational establishments, as students benefit from many of the features included with the UP! Range. The small Up! Mini 2 allows students to work with the device using a variety of hardware, including smartphones, tablets and computers. The easy to use touchscreen on the front of the unit allows saved builds to be commenced directly from the printer – meaning no connection is needed to repeat previous builds. The UP! Plus 2 is a powerful small open-framed machine, that can produce complex, high resolution models right in front of students eyes. Many establishments prefer these units as the build platform is always visible, letting students witness the building process with great ease.

Colleges and Universities that require a more complex 3D printer may favour the UP Box+, which includes all the same great features of the UP! Mini 2 and the UP! Plus 2, but with a bigger build area and higher resolution printing. The UP! Box+ easily produces some of the most complex builds possible, with many appearing totally seamless. The built-in filament holder means the whole system is neat and self contained, keep the bench clear of any hazards.

The UP! range of 3D printers are currently on sale on The AES web shop, with free postage available for all buyers. To browse our selection of 3D printers, Click Here