– Educational workshop design & installation
– Design and installation of wood dust (LEV) extraction systems and workshop cleanup systems using the C-VAC
– Vehicle workshop design & installation
– Vehicle exhaust extraction systems
– Welding workshop design and weld booth installation
– Specialist extract systems for weld fume
– Soldering classroom design with low voltage modules
– Soldering Extraction for 24 on-tip points



Design & Installation of Educational Workshops

Our dedicated design team have provided full design layouts of the workshops throughout the college. The design shows multiple layers of project development including electrical small power layout drawings, general layouts featuring machinery, furniture and storage positioning and specialist extract drawings indicating extraction point locations and LEV ductwork route layouts.

Our installation squad has completed multiple stages of the project to fit out the classrooms and workshops within the college and supply all of the specified equipment including machinery and furniture. With over 10 years experience the team has provided an efficient ductwork installation to achieve the best LEV system performance possible.

AES have installed a number of different extraction solutions to suit this large scale project for a number of different applications. Our unique C-VAC system was installed within this college to provide the best extraction of wood dust possible. The C-VAC System is a high-vacuum LEV solution that offers high performance, reliability and easy disposal of the collected contaminant dust for both extraction from machinery and cleanup points. The C-VAC is the leading system for educational extraction in the UK, providing the facility, employees and pupils with the highest performance and level of safety during woodworking processes.

Vehicle Exhaust Extraction Systems

AES have provided the college with full design of a functional, modern vehicle workshop complete with machinery, storage and an inverter drive powered extraction system. The workshop includes a number of vehicle maintenance bays and machinery. The design allows the teaching staff and pupils to use the most up-to-date equipment and technology on multiple vehicles.

Along with the design and supply of the vehicle workshop machinery, furniture and storage, AES have also designed a bespoke LEV specialist extraction system to extract harmful exhaust fumes from the teaching environment. The workshop LEV system comprises of electrical hose reels operated by remote controls, allowing the students and teaching staff to fully retract the hose reels from the teaching area when not required. The fan speeds can be controlled by a user friendly inverter drive panel.

Design & Installation of Welding Workshop

Individual welding booths with dedicated telescopic extraction arms offer each individual student the safest working environment possible. Each booth features a seated welding bench, brackets, adequate storage and also a retractable extraction arm fitted with a damper for accurate point extraction. The welding booths are custom built from steel to allow each student their own working space, and improve the capture of the harmful welding fumes. Each booth is fitted with flame-retardant welding curtains.

The AES design and installation team created a unique network of ducting for this room to provide the best extraction performance possible. The intricate network of ducting provides airflow to every student working area. The extraction arms used in this college are telescopic, which reduces the total space used inside the booth, and allows the user to maneuver the arm to suit the specific welding application.

Electronics Soldering Classroom Design & Installation

For the soldering classroom in this college, AES have provided the most complete solution for students. The low voltage modules also act as a connection port for the soldering irons and for compressed air lines. There are voltage and current transistors, displays and standard 13A plug sockets fitted along the length of each module.

For the most effective extraction of soldering fumes, AES have installed a benchtop on-tip solder iron extraction to be integrated into the low voltage modules. Each bench uses a Bofa T-15 soldering unit allowing each student to have adequate extraction for each soldering iron.

A milestone project, this college required our years of educational design and installation knowledge and combined our dedication to providing students with the best experience, leading to one of the largest and most complex college installations completed by AES.