Summary of Works

– Design and consultation of workshop layouts and LEV system
– Installation of all capital equipment and workbenches within the CDT department
– Installation of custom LV modules within the CAD/CAM design workshops
– Installation of the Centralised C-VAC Wood Dust Extraction system and associated ductwork configuration
– Full commissioning of all machinery and extraction system



CDT Department Workshop Layouts and LEV System Design



For this project the design team completed the DT department layouts in full 3D in Autodesk Revit. The configuration for this department consisted of two workshops, two CAD/CAM rooms and a kiln room. Along with the greater visual benefits with Revit the design team is also able to collaborate and progress projects at greater efficiency. Customer design consultation is also much more in depth by having the items individually represented in 3D and full colour. All 3D views submitted by AES are also accompanied by 2D layouts detailing the safe working areas, power supplies and extraction points of all machinery.

Workshop Installation

The AES installation team carried out a full fit-out of the CDT department and also fitted the ductwork, fittings and centralised extraction system to service the workshops within the department. In the image below you can see the convertible top benches used in this installation, allowing teaching staff and students the facility for both woodworking and metalworking at a single bench ad using a safe working surface for each technique.





AES Also completed the installation of custom low voltage modules within this School, allowing the pupils the ability to use variable voltage equipment, soldering irons with complete on-tip solder extraction and compressed air outlets. A modern and effective installation was completed in a short 2 week turnaround by the AES installation squad and 2 day full commissioning by our dedicated service and maintenance team. All of our commissioning and testing of LEV systems are carried out y P601 engineers and we provide full commissioning documentation, reports, log books and dedicated account managers for every project in accordance with COSHH Regulation 9 and Guidance Document HSG 258 (Controlling Airborne Contaminants at Work).

C-VAC – Centralised Wood Dust Extraction System

The AES C-VAC System has been specifically designed for use in schools and colleges throughout the UK. With over 200 installations UK wide the C-VAC has become the industry standard for wood dust extraction within educational workshops. Offering staff and students the confidence to approach any project with the assurance of safe capture of harmful wood dust particles caused during wood-working processes.