The Largest Educational LEV Installation in Scotland Completed by AES

The largest college in Scotland – City of Glasgow College is made up from its Riverside and City campus’. Both new and exciting buildings add to the Glasgow Skyline and are equipped with the highest quality equipment and facilities. For this project AES provided a full LEV design and installation for the extraction of multiple applications and contaminants. The many workshops located throughout the new facilities required centralised wood dust extraction, also equipped with floor and bench cleanup points using the AES C-Vac system.

The stonemasonry and bricklaying workshops required AES to provide an effective extraction solution for stone/silica and brick dust using high-vacuum hoods and a centralised system to reduce floor clutter within the workshops. For the plaster mixing workshops AES created low-level extraction canopies, connected to a high vacuum system that allowed the plaster dust to be captured safely and extracted out of the working area during the ingredient mixing process. Several canopies were located within the workshop to maximise the activity and extraction performance of the system, whilst also providing the students and teaching staff with multiple points for safe ingredient mixing.

For the jewellery/glasswork workshops in the college, the preparation and assembly areas required the installation of glass and material preparation kilns and bespoke extraction canopies overhead to capture any fumes from the kiln area. The other systems for these creative workshops included benchtop extraction systems located under each student seating area with benchtop arms for close extraction of the fumes given off when doing intricate jewellery and assembly work.

There are a large number of creative design subjects taught by the college that require specific extraction solutions. The Design workshops are outfitted with a centralised wood dust extraction system, externally installed on the roof of the building, and a number of contained spray booths for painting and finishing applications. LEV for the plastic moulding equipment was also provided. Benchtop systems for solder fume extraction akin to those in the jewellery workshop have been installed to provide LEV for electronics assembly processes.