The AES installation team has provided another smooth design and installation of our unique C-VAC system into a Secondary School on the south coast of Wales.

The C-VAC dust extraction system provides powerful dust capture and extraction from all wood working machines, portable tools such as sanders and provides the facility to clean floors and workbenches allowing for effective management of wood dust to HSE standards. The AES delivered a full design, installation and commissioning of the C-VAC Wood Dust Vacuum System Unit which has been selected and is ensured to generate airflows which exceed the required standards of the COSHH 2002 Regulations and HSG 258.

For maximum safety within the workshop, the system has been interlocked to the operation of the machines, meaning that the machines will not switch on unless the extraction is in operation.

Along with providing effective wood dust extraction from each individual machine within the workshops, the C-VAC system can also be utilised for general cleanup of both the floors and bench tops within the workshops and technical rooms. Additional features of the C-VAC also include the small footprint, low noise levels and low long term ownership costs.

The system installed for this secondary school in south wales was fitted with manual control valves at all fixed machine extraction points, which will control the operation of the fan when open/ closed. The variable speed drive fitted to the system is an intelligent piece of hardware programming allowing the control of the fan speed and suction to meet the demand calculated by the unit. Increased power saving is also achieved here as the fan will go into standby immediately after the last manual valve is closed.

AES operate throughout the UK from as far as the Channel Islands to Shetland. We have a well experienced team of office staff and field engineers who consistently provide high quality installations of full educational workshops and extraction systems complete with all relevant commissioning documentation, our design team also works with the most up to date 3D Revit design software and can provide fully detailed and specified 2D and 3D layouts for all projects.
We continue to work closely with our partners across the UK and independently as one of the leading providers of educational and industrial LEV (Local Exhaust Ventilation) solutions, with this install and a number of other projects in the works in 2017. Lots more to come each month from AES so stay tuned for more monthly updates and case studies.