Efficient Air Purification for Everyday Use

The Sasoo air purifier is equipped with effective filtration technology helping reduce the number of solid particles in the air.

The 99.995% efficient HEPA filtration, can contribute to the the removal of respiratory aerosols, bacteria, pollens, allergens fine dusts and particulates. Thanks to its design, the Sasoo fits into any sector including hospitality and education, whether in a business environment, school, or restaurant.

The Sasoo Air Purifier features a 6-fold air purification system with 99.995% filtration efficiency (HEPA 14 Filter) as well as an energy-saving EC Fan. The purifying unit is extremely quit and runs unnoticed in the background (49 dB(A) for the Small version and 52 dB(A) for the Tall model). As a comparison, a hair dryer has a sound range of around 90 to 100 dB(A).

To start the air purification process, simply connect the unit to the power supply and the Sasoo will start purifying the air in the room. The Sasoo Unit M can help effectively purify air in rooms up to 100 m². The Sassoo S unit can contribute to effectively purifying the air in rooms up to 30m².

With its modern and stylish design, the air purifier can fit into any room, as it requires only 0.36 m² of space.

Acquiring a Sasoo air purifying unit is investing in the future. It pays off in the long run, as the unit equipped with HEPA H14 filters which can help remove fine dust and harmful particles from the air within the room and provides a safer environment for visitors/employees.

Sasoo’s casing is made of metal and tempered glass, and are both scratch-resistant and impact-resistant. The HEPA H14 filter ensures up to 1,500 hours of operation before needing replaced (or within 187 days, running 8 hours per day).

Product Overview

The Sasoo M air purifier is a compact and powerful unit capable of filtering air in rooms up to 100 m².
Equipped with HEPA and Carbon filters, Sasoo can contribute to the efficient removal of respiratory aerosols, bacteria, pollens, allergens and fine dusts.

This Sasoo is stationary, and blends in the decor easily thanks to its stylish and modern design. Moreover, it can be placed anywhere in the room as it is only 60 cm wide. A mobile version of this air purifier exists: the Sasoo S. The built-in CO2 sensor continuously measures the air quality. Easily moved with four castors, two of which are lockable.

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Product Overview

The Sasoo S is a compact air purifier designed for the effective filtration of air in rooms up to 30 m². Made of metal and tempered glass, the impact and scratch-resistant unit purifies air by capturing, cleaning and recirculating the air to help promote a healthier work environment.

Thanks to its size and low profile castors, the Sasoo S can fit into any room and moved from a space to another. The Sasoo S is equipped with high efficiency H14 HEPA Filters and Activated Carbon filters. With a sound level of 49 dB(A), the unit is as silent as a conversation, you won't even notice it is there!

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Sasoo Brochure & Datasheets

How it works

Firstly, the Sasoo unit captures air polluted with aerosols at high level, where the hazardous particles are generated and suspended within the air of the room.

Secondly, the air travels through the filters (HEPA H14 and Activated Carbon) where airborne contaminants can be filtered and the air can be cleaned.

Thirdly, purified and clean air is then expelled via. outlet grilles at the bottom of the unit at low level.

The Sasoo unit is unique compared to other purifiers available on the market. The polluted air enters from the top of the unit as opposed to through side panels. The Sasoo is equipped with a in-built CO2 indicator, which continuously measures the air quality and indicates its condition to those in the room.

Clean Air Recirculation

The drawing on the right represents an example of how the Sasoo air purifying unit filters the air within a room, and recirculates clean air back in its place.

Generally aerosols produced by humans are warmer than standard room temperatures, and naturally rise within the room. Hence the reason that the air is extracted at the top of the Sasoo unit and absorbed, filtered and recirculated.

The image on the right shows:

  • Thermal currents within a room are usually directed upwards.
  • Bacteria can be transmitted from one person to another, through aerosols generated by sneezing, coughing, talking etc.
  • Larger particulates naturally fall to the ground very slowly, whilst smaller particulates can be suspended in the air for longer periods.
  • With high level air collection, objects such as furniture or equipment are less likely obstruct the airflow and the unit’s operation.

Construction, Design & Functionality

  • Modern industrial design with a soundproofed housing made of steel and tempered glass. Suitable for any environment.
  • Low noise level of 52 dB(A) for SASOO M & 49 dB(A) for the SASOO S.
  • Large HEPA filter surface area & Activated Carbon Filter for odour removal.
  • Energy-saving, powerful EC motor dedicated for 24/7 continuous operation over long periods.
  • Sasoo filters up to 1000 m³ of air. Single SASOO M unit required in rooms of up to 100 m², SASOO S unit suitable up to 30 m².
  • CO2 sensors monitor the air quality in the room on a continuous basis.

HEPA Filtration

The HEPA Class H14 Filter used in Sasoo units effectively remove small microorganisms and nanoscale particles from the air in a safe and sustainable way thanks to the 99.995% separation rating of the filters.

When the unit is working, a constant draft of air flows through the purifier and filters, which traps small particles. The filter lifespan is long lasting and helps in reducing replacement filter costs.

Applications & Industries

The Sasoo air purifier is perfectly suited for use in a range of industries and applications, including the below.

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More Information on the Sasoo Air Purifier

Prices for the Sasoo starting at £1,950.00 for the S and £2,995.00 for the larger M model. Finance is available from £65.50 and £97.50 per month respectively.

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