High Volume Welding Fume Extraction

AES have completed the installation and commissioning of a large weld fume extraction system within a large engineering firm’s new fabrication facility. The system comprised of a total 33 extraction arms and various high-vacuum attachments for on-tool extraction and general workplace cleaning.

Our full team completed the project from the outset and our engineering squad carried out the full fit-out of LEV systems within the facility on time and within budget.

Project Overview

Following initial site consultation and survey, between the client production managers and AES technical design team it was decided to provide multiple high volume extraction arms for the use within the welding and fabrication area. Each arm was provided with a 5.5m reach, mounted on existing structural steel work and connected via. a centralised fan and filter unit with a single ducting network routing to the external plant.

The system would be controlled via. an intelligent panel comprising of a pressure regulation device and variable speed drive for the fan unit. This would allow the system to be at efficient operating power at all times, allowing operators to work effectively when a single point is in use and when up to 80% of the welding areas are operational.

AES also provided the full commissioning works for this site, including the fitting of LEV airflow indicators at each arm and log books for the systems ongoing life cycle analysis and maintenance.

Centralised Fan and Filter System

The extraction and filtration of the welding fumes for this project was provided by single externally sited fan and filter unit assembly. The fan/filter unit was sized to allow extraction from 80% of the total extraction arms within the system, so that there was no need for any downtime between shift or project requirements.

The equipment installed was suitable for outdoor use and did not require an external enclosure/weather protection as shown in the image to the left. Each fan and filter arrangement comprised of a large volume centrifugal fan fitted to a cartridge filter unit, the cartridge filters were connected to compressed air to allow for cleaning via. reverse jet pulse, allowing the residual contaminant to be collected within the collection bins. The collection bins were also fitted for dust-less emptying with castors and plastic collection bags.

With the compressed air cleaning running on an automatic cycle and each bin fitted with a bin level indicator, maintenance of the filter systems was kept to a minimum.

Versatile Extraction Arms

Connected to the central extraction system above, AES fitted a total of 33 individual extraction arms to service the welding and fabrication bays within the facility. Each arm was also fitted with a visual LEV airflow indicator for each operator and a valve to open and close the extraction when required.

Each arm was connected to the existing structural steelworks of the facility, and fitted with an extension arm and swivel giving the user the best maneuverability possible with the equipment.

All extraction arms will provided a reach of 5.5m to ensure coverage of the individual weld bays. A 2.5m swivel extension boom with a 3.0m fully adjustable extraction arm with metal hood and inlet guard completed each unit, providing the desired length of area coverage and movement needed by the client. AES worked closely with the client to provide the design and fitting of the bolting plates for each arm mount, allowing the customer to be involved at all stages of the project and the opportunity to manufacture and supply in-house components.

LEV Commissioning and Testing

Once the project design and installation had been completed, AES then provided the full commissioning and testing of the system in accordance with HSG 258 and the COSHH Regulations provided by our LEV Service Team.

A range of quantitative measurements were made and visual tests used to determine the most suitable working distance the hood should be at any one time during operation.

On completion of these works, AES provided the client with full documentation and system logbooks for internal housekeeping and maintenance of the systems

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