AES work with companies throughout the UK to create safer workplaces within industry.

With over 22 years of experience across various industries, AES have the ability to provide guidance and solutions for any business. We have the expertise and resources to provide effective extraction solutions for all processes and contaminants.

Weld Fume

The fume given off by welding and hot cutting processes is a varying mixture of airborne gases and very fine particles which if inhaled can cause ill health.

AES can design, supply and install a system to meet your requirements and budget.

Wood Dust

Wood dust extraction is an essential legal requirement to protect the health of people using wood working machinery, or who work in environments where wood dust is present.

AES can provide guidance and design an effective wood dust extraction system for your requirements.

Stone/Silica Dust

Respirable Crystalline Silica (RCS) created from stonemasonry work, the construction industry and brick workshops can cause serious health risks including silicosis and cancer.

AES can provide a variety of proven solutions to suit any size of workshop.

Vehicle Exhaust

Vehicle exhaust fumes can irritate the eyes and respiratory tract, breathing it in is a health risk.

AES can design full workshop LEV systems and supply all parts/spares for any vehicle exhaust extraction system within the automotive and related industries.

Solder Fume & Electronics

Rosin-based solder flux fume is now regarded as one of the leading causes of occupational asthma in Britain. Rosin is used mainly as a flux in the electrical and electronics industries where it is heated with the solder (usually tin/lead) to make electrical connections. It may also be used for soldering in plumbing and other pipe-fitting work.

AES can provide solutions to tackle soldering fumes from a single operator to full production lines and automated machinery.

Oil Mist Extraction

Metalworking fluids, also referred to as coolants, used during processes such as cutting and machining within manual and CNC operated areas can cause an increased risk of developing work-related asthma, bronchitis, irritation of the respiratory tract and breathing difficulties if the mist is inhaled.

High Vacuum Extraction for Cleaning

Centralised systems and portable extraction units for the extraction of dust from various processes or industries. High vacuum is a versatile solution for bench, floor and on-tool cleaning for any workshop or facility.

AES work within food, manufacturing and process industries with specially designed products to suit each environment.

Extraction for Plasma Cutting

Stationery Filters are the ideal solution for workstation and machine extraction of process-related emissions.

AES supplies extraction and filtration systems for dry separation of industrial dust and fumes.

Air Cleaning Systems

Filter units that help reduce exposure to airborne contaminants in workplace environments by filtering polluted air and recirculating clean air back into the room.
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