AES Install New LEV Systems for Scottish Warblind

The charity organisation Scottish Warblind have recently benefited from a complete refit of their workshop area. AES have installed LEV systems within the workshop, allowing users to cut wood with reduced hazards.

In the video below, a clear difference is shown between a circular saw system which is connected to extraction, and the system with the extraction turned off. The system, which consists of a filtered vacuum unit connected to the circular saw extraction outlets via tubing, draws the majority of wood dust created by the use of the saw away from the user.

With the extraction enabled, the user benefits from a cleaner working environment, a better view of the piece they are cutting, and a safer breathing space. Wood dust is particularly dangerous for users as small organic particles can enter the lungs and cause irritation, as well as asthma.

Similar systems can be installed on other woodworking machines. Below is an extraction system which is connected to a rotary sander. The extractor is situated under the bench in order to free up the workspace, and to keep the floor around the user free from trip hazards. The tubing for the system is passed through the worktop, reducing unsightly and cumbersome connections.

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Circular Saw with Extraction System

The wood dust is extracted down through the saw, meaning there is no need for strategically placed arms or hoods.