Airbench from AES

AirBench downdraft benches are now available from AES. AirBench are the UK’s leading provider of specialised industrial grade downdraft benches. With a wide variety of filter and bench size options available, these benches are ideal for a multitude of manufacturing applications.

Specialist options for workers dealing with fumes and sparks, stone dust or chemicals are available to order as standard. For those creating very high levels of dust saturation, a self-cleaning model can provide an overall greater economic solution for dealing with workplace pollutants, this reduces overall running costs and improves filter life greatly.

A Unique Solution

Most AirBench products only require a 240v standard UK socket, so the user can plug in and start working immediately without need of any additional electrical or mechanical installation. Special voltages available on request.

A variety of models are available for every workspace, from light to heavy duty use, and from standing to seated benches – which fitted with additional knee space for improved ergonomics. All models within the AirBench range are highly customisable, with the addition of many optional extras you can truly tailor the AirBench to fit your exact needs. The addition of heavy duty castor wheels, any AirBench within the range can be made portable, giving additional versatility in the workplace.

For those dealing with the removal of coolant or swarf from machined parts, the Airbench blowdown bench creates a dedicated contaminant removal station within the manufacturing workshop. The bench uses compressed air to remove excess liquids and swarf from parts and delivers them downwards to a containment chamber. This unit can also be used for removing support material from any scale of 3D printed parts which are becoming ever more popular within education and industry.

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