BOFA iQ Series Extractors

For those with small laser production lines, leading laser fume extractor manufacturer BOFA are now providing sophisticated computer operating systems built into their line of Oracle extractors. The operating system, named ‘iQ’, allows users to monitor the fan speeds, temperatures and the saturation levels of the filters within their laser fume extractors. Operators benefit from the ease of operation and clarity of real time information and the system provides a cache of analytical data, enabling users to download performance and operating parameters for evaluation purposes. The iQ system allows the system owner to see when filters are nearing the end of their lives and to pre-emptively order replacements in order to keep production downtime to a minimum.

Laser fume systems from BOFA provide an advanced multi-stage filtration process which eliminates particles and gases from the airspace of the user. The first stage, a large pre-filter, removes the majority of large particulate from the laser system. The second stage, a HEPA filter, captures and stores small particles and dusts created during the lasering process. The final stage, a layer of activated carbon, absorbs and removes harmful gases and smells from the work environment. Clean breathable air is expelled from the back of the system.

Available in Powder Coated

Who can benefit from an AD Oracle iQ?

The Oracle iQ range is great for home users or small businesses as the system has a small footprint in the production line. The unit is reasonably quiet, running at less than 60dBA.
With the system removing smoke, particles and fumes, users will notice improvements to their laser systems output. This is due to a cleaner cutting base and lens being achieved. The reject rate of produced items is usually reduced, saving the operator money on expensive materials and keeping lost time to a minimum.

For users who are using their laser systems for only small jobs, a compact unit such as the AD Oracle SA iQ is suitable for those with intermittent production flow of up to 8 hours a week. Users who produce high volumes of lasered goods on a daily basis are better suited to BOFAs high end range of AD Oracle iQ extraction systems, which are best in class in terms of efficiency, with prices start at around £1690 including VAT. Units can be customised to add Volatile Organic Compound sensors, which sound an alarm in the event of gas leaking from the system.

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