Monmouth Fume Cupboards for Laboratory Safety Available from AES

A large range of scientific fume cupboards from leading laboratory safety brand Monmouth Scientific have now been added our online store. Monmouth specialise in both recirculatory filtration and ducted fume cupboards, providing a solution is available for most lab practices. Carbon filters can be specified to match the chemicals the operator is handling, capturing gases and vapours from the hazard, and ensuring clean, breathable air is returned back into the lab. HEPA filters can also be supplied in many of the Monmouth cabinets, which allows the user to safely handle powders within the cabinet.

Class II (2) Microbiological safety cabinets are also available from our store, the commissioning of these units is purchasable and includes full KI Discuss testing to ensure that the correct legal standards are met by the cabinet before use.

For users working with smaller amounts of chemicals and powders, downflow workstations are available to draw down and capture fumes and vapours away from the user. These workstations are typically mounted on top of a workbench and provide a high level of filtration whilst maintaining a much smaller footprint on the laboratory.





Also available from Monmouth is a unique filtered formalin dispensing unit, which provides a safe area for an operator to collect formalin such as Formaldehyde, whilst vapours from the dispensing are collected by a specialist contained extraction unit above.

All products from Monmouth can be customised to the requirements of the user. Many units feature the ability to add water and gas services, as well as the option to add plug sockets and worktops to further contain the process inside of the cupboard. Monmouth fume cabinets can also be specified to meet strict CLEAPSS standards for the installation of fume cupboards within schools – these guidelines help protect users and technicians and ensure the maximum safety potential is reached by the unit.

Monmouth hold a stock of their more popular products, reducing lead times – especially for filters and other consumables.

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