Innovative Extraction Nozzles and Brushes for Maximum Hygiene in Food Production Environments

The DustControl ‘Good for Food’ range is an innovative new selection of extraction nozzles and brushes intended to be used within a food production environment. A range of construction and design choices have been made in order to ensure maximum safety when handling food stuffs – meaning safety is ensured for both the worker and the consumer.

The attachments come in a variety of colours, this is to allow the user to colour code their use when using the nozzles in a factory which may require many suction processes. The employer can assign a colour to each material, meaning that cross-contamination of substances is effectively eliminated. The colours of the attachments also play a part in the event of a lost nozzle. If a nozzle or brush were to enter the foodstuff, the bright contrasting colour of the attachment should help aid visual detection. The correct colour should be chosen for its contrast against the particular foodstuff, for instance, a green nozzle would be easy to spot in a substance such as turmeric, whereas a yellow brush would barely contrast at all.

The full range of attachments, included the brushes and their bristles are made from materials which are both dishwasher and autoclave safe. The ability to sterilise the product effectively is paramount in food production, and DustControl Good For Food brushes feature a two-part brush and brush-holder system that allows the bristled insert to be removed from the attachment for optimum cleaning.

ESD anti-static construction is featured throughout on the attachments, meaning that electrostatic discharge is eliminated, making the brush safe to use with potentially volatile foodstuffs.

All of the Good For Food attachments feature an embedded metal strip, which allows them to be detected using an automated metal detection system, this is particularly useful in food production, as the loss of an attachment within food being produced can be both dangerous and time consuming.

The Good For Food range is FDA and European EC regulation certified, meaning you can be confident in using the product with food and rely upon its construction in a food production environment. Likewise, the hidden features of the range mean that staff can use the equipment with ease, and with no intrusion into their regular workflow.

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We also design bespoke systems which can incorporate these attachments, as well as provide many more safety features and productivity increasing enhancements to the workplace.

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A wide range of features and safety measures makes the Good For Food range ideal for food production lines

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