Introducing the Novus Air Tower for Efficient Ambient Air Filtration

The Air Tower from German company Novus brings an extra level of security to your welding environment. For larger manufacturing plants, the use of local exhaust ventilation systems whilst welding on large and complex metal components can become impractical. The Novus Air Tower extracts and filters contaminated ambient air from the welding floor.

The Air Tower is usually placed in the centre of the workshop, drawing fumes into its top-mounted inlet and filtering contaminated air via a three stage process. Air is then returned back to the workplace at just above floor level. This low outlet configuration stops draughts from forming within the workplace. Some other large filter units draw air from the bottom of the room and recirculate it by exhausting it upwards – which can cause dangerous fumes to circulate further into the workplace, often into areas where welding isn’t occurring. The Air Towers top-to-bottom approach of filtering is safer and more economic in a welding environment.

The Air Tower is unique in that it doesn’t need any ducting – filtering only the air that is already in the room. This means that cold air doesn’t need to be drawn from outside, in term reducing the costs of heating the workplace when running.

A multi-level cyclone pre-separator ensures that coarse particles are captured initially by the system. M-Class cartridge filters then remove smaller dust particles. A fully automated self-cleaning system allows the dust attached to the filter to be shaken into a collection drawer at the bottom of the unit. This drawer can be emptied by the operator and slid back into place. The overall system takes very little upkeep, allowing users to work uninterrupted by cumbersome maintenance protocols.

The Novus Air Tower is surprisingly affordable, with competitve pricing offered against similar competitors. An optional economy pack is also available, which maximises filter life and keeps running costs low.

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