Exhaust Fume Filtration for Safe Vehicle Operation in Enclosed Spaces

When starting a car indoors, you will quickly become aware of the high level of noxious fumes created by the engine, especially in buildings or vessels with low ceilings. Swedish filtration specialists EHC have now designed and manufactured a solution which allows users to temporarily start and drive their vehicle, whilst having the exhaust fumes safely and effectively filtered, creating a cleaner breathing space.

The EHC filter system works by directly attaching to the exhaust tip of the chosen vehicle, filtering particles expelled from the engine and capturing them within the filter material. The filter is light enough to be independently supported by the exhaust system, so there is no need for a length of duct, or an external extraction system.

This system is particularly useful if the vehicle is within a space where a more permanent means of extracting the exhaust fume is not possible, such as within a showroom, a convention hall or inside of a storage warehouse. As the system is easy to connect and remove, and is reasonably light – the entire setup can quickly be moved between vehicles with ease, so a user may find that the one setup is ample for several vehicles, and that re-fitting the system is no trouble at all.

EHC’s range of filters work as a three piece system. A nozzle, which is made of heat resistant rubber, is secured to the exhaust tip of the vehicle. A filter housing twists onto the nozzle, allowing for a secure connection between the two pieces. A high efficiency filter is then locked within the housing, providing ample filtration for the vehicle’s emissions. The size of the filter and filter housing can be specified depending on the size of engine of the vehicle. Typically, larger automobiles such as heavy goods vehicles or buses will need a larger filter (such as the L20 system), whereas cars, motorbikes and vans will be suited towards a lighter style filter (such as the P15).

As every car doesn’t come fitted with a universal size and shape of exhaust, EHC have created a wide selection of nozzles to suit the majority of car models currently on the market. Most of these nozzles secure by sliding over the tip of the exhaust, but for uniquely shaped or angled tips, a bellow system is implemented, in which the system is inserted into the exhaust and is inflated by means of a hand pump to ensure a tight fit. Dual inflatable systems are available for exhaust systems with twin exhaust tips, these are also ready to buy with a inlet for an air compressor to attach to for rapid inflation.

Permanent exhaust fume filters are also available from EHC to allow users to drive forklifts or working vehicles indoors. These drum shaped filters are mounted to the body of the vehicle, and are larger than the temporary solutions, but allow for a longer duration of engine run time. These filtration systems are particularly useful for vehicles that are always indoors, such as warehouse forklifts, cranes, ice and resurfacers – as well as vehicles which need to regularly transition between outdoor and indoor settings – such as boat loading equipment.

The range of filters and nozzles are very reasonably priced, and the typical lifespan of a replaceable filter cartridge is between 100-160 starts. Basic systems for cars are currently available on our web shop, as are replacement filter cartridges.

If you know which nozzle or part you are looking for and are wanting to order, then email us with your requirements and we will send you a quote.

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