AES install new Gravograph engraver for Tennent’s Brewery in Glasgow.

The compact and versatile M40G unit was the ideal option for this application. Fitted with the cylindrical attachment, it provides accurate engraving for the pint/half pint sized Tennent’s branded glasses. The machine featured an integrated lubrication system, improving the finish quality of the engraving job, which is integral for glass engraving. These features have allowed the M40 Gift unit to become the industry standard for small to medium sized glass engraving.

The operation of the machine is made easy by the Gravostyle software, allowing the user to simply type the required message or insert the artwork for the machine to engrave on the glass. The job is then sent directly to the machine and begins at the press of a button.



Tennent’s, one of Scotland’s largest breweries, have partnered with AES & Gravograph to complete the addition of an industry leading Gravograph M40G CNC engraving unit. The unit was installed in the newly built £1 million visitors centre, in Tennent’s Wellpark Brewery site in the heart of Glasgow city centre.

AES provided a solution to quickly turn around personally engraved glasses on-site at Tennent’s visitors centre for travelling customers and those on tours. The installation of this equipment also allows the company to sell these personalised glasses online to customers across the UK.