Specialist Chimney Sweep Vacuums

Having the right equipment for the clearing of chimneys is key to maintaining a clean and healthy work environment. The optimum filtered vacuum allows a chimney sweep to collect and contain soot safely and without contaminating the room they are working on. HEPA filtration is particularly important, as microscopic soot particles contain sulphur dioxide and arsenic, which are known carcinogens – to skin, lungs, the bladder and the esophagus. Soot irritation in particular has been linked to many long term skin conditions, and was also the first declared occupational cancer. Trapping soot particles inside of the cleaning system using a HEPA filter means that the user can breathe and move easily, knowing that they are protected from dangerous hazards in their workplace.

AES offer three options suitable for chimney sweeps – from leading manufacturers DustControl and Numatic. All options provide immense cleaning power, with attachments especially suited for the cleaning of fireplaces, hearths and ranges. The size and weight of these vacuums allows for effortless transport between workplaces – easily fitting into vans and car boots. DustControl and Numatic vacuums run at below 70 decibels, meaning the operator doesn’t have to worry about long-term hearing damage from using the product.

HEPA H13 Vacuum

Vacuums such as the Numatic HZ-750-2 and the DustControl DC1800 ECO are H13 rated, allowing for safe use with hazardous dust types.

H13 HEPA Filtration

Our vacuum units are all equipped with H13 HEPA Filtration, a very high filtration class that captures even the smallest particles within the filter before exhausting air back into the environment. Replacement filters and bags for DustControl and Numatic units are also available from our webshop.

If you require any help in choosing the correct vacuum for your needs as a chimney sweep, then contact AES on the number above. Our team of dust and fume extraction experts are available to guide you in the right direction.

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