The C-Vac system consists of a central vacuum fan and filter unit. Available in four different fan sizes, C-Vac can provide all the extraction needs for a single workshop or multiple rooms. The system is controlled by a low-voltage circuit and simply operating a machine or connecting to a plug-in point will start the system. A variable speed drive ensures that the fan only provides the power required to extract from the points in use and is economical and quiet in operation.

Vacuum Plug-In Points

Easy access to multiple plug in locations throughout the workshop for floor, bench and machine cleaning.

Bench Cleaning

The C-VAC allows for students and staff to clean benches as they work, with high-vacuum extraction for wood dust and chips on workbenches.


The C-VAC connects to the extraction port of bench or pedestal mounted bandfacer machines to ensure safe extraction when sanding woods and plastics.


Woodworking Lathes

The C-VAC connects to intelligent lathe guards and can be fitted with automatic valves so that the extraction begins as soon as the lathe is switched on.

Vacuum Hose Reels

For increased productivity and cleanliness within the workshop, vacuum hose reels provide easy to access extraction points for cleaning throughout the department. These units can be fitted with an automatic micro-switch allowing the extraction to begin as soon as the reel is uncoiled.


Ideal for technical prep rooms, the C-VAC models can extract with direct connection to planer/thicknesser machines with automatic detection when the machine is in operation.

Circular Saws

The C-VAC system connects directly to crown guards and under table extraction points for effective removal of wood dust from circular saws within technician areas.


AES design custom collection spigots for bandsaws providing multiple extraction locations at the machine ensuring effective capture.


Bench-mounted fretsaws can be fitted with extraction connections directly to the C-VAC system.

Pillar Drills

Discreet Ducting

Thick walled ducting routed around the workshop at high level with a maximum diameter of Ø120mm.

Modular Fan & Filter System