The leading centralised wood dust extraction system for education in the UK, as featured on the HSE website.

The C-VAC has been recognised as a model of best practice for wood dust extraction within education workshops. You can view the HSE case study “A Tale of Two Schools” in the link below which will give you an overview and further insight into the many benefits of the C-VAC system.

C-VAC Overview

The AES centralised C-VAC extraction system is the modern solution for efficient extraction and cleaning of wood dust in technical workshops within schools and colleges.

Discrete pipework is fixed above or below ceiling level and connects every machine in the department to the central system which is usually located in the technician’s workshop. The C-VAC extracts dust from multiple machines simultaneously and incorporates plug in points for portable tools, floor and bench cleaning.

All fine dust particles are captured by a coated polyester filter sock and at the end of each vacuum operation, an automatic shaker mechanism is activated to dispose of these particles into a 240L collection bag.

A bag level indicator alarm alerts the operator when bag replacement is required, at which point the filled bag is easily removed using a specially designed trolley system.

Low operating noise levels and improved energy efficiency are achieved with the inclusion of a frequency inverter control panel which allows the fan power level to match the number of points in use at any time. A variety of valves and machine connection options are available to allow the system to interface with all types of woodworking machinery.

Six models are available within the range and all are designed to remove wood dust ensuring compliance with COSHH (Control of Substances Hazardous to Health) regulations 2002.

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System Benefits

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