AES offer full service packages for fixed equipment including woodworking, metalworking and heat treatment equipment in Design and Technology departments.

AES can provide major servicing of CDT machinery which incorporates machine specific electrical and mechanical service checks. All machines are assessed for compliance with the relevant safety legislation including the Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998 (PUWER 98) and BS4163:2021 Health and Safety Design and Technology in Schools and Similar Establishments – Code of Practice.

Full service documentation is provided in electronic format which includes a summary of any issues highlighted and includes a quotation for all repairs/upgrades which AES can complete.

Electrical Checks Include:

  • Electrical containment condition/suitability checked
  • Insulation Resistance checks
  • Earth loop impedance checks/continuity checks

All AES electrical engineers are qualified electricians and hold all relevant site access cards for use on both current project and completed educational facilities.


Mechanical & Operational Checks Include:

  • Full operational checks of machine and safety interlocks
  • Drive mechanisms/belts/bearing s and gearboxes checked
  • All levers/handles are present and in good condition
  • Oil levels checked
  • Machines securely fixed/fastened
  • Safety signage present

Compliance Checks Include:

  • All guards checked for integrity, operation and correctly secured
  • Machine stopping times recorded
  • Correct emergency stop features
  • Machine brake types are correct and function correctly
  • Suitable LEV system connected where applicable

Heat Treatment Equipment

All heat treatment equipment including forges, brazing hearths and casting crucibles are fully serviced and checked in accordance with Gas Installations for Educational Establishments: IGE/UP/11

*All AES engineers hold relevant disclosures for working within education establishments where pupils, students and staff are present.

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