Fully installed, commissioned and tested solutions for workshops requiring stone dust LEV.

Fully installed, commissioned and tested solutions for workshops requiring stone dust LEV.

Ducted systems are typically used in situations where multiple processes which produce brick and stone dust are being carried out simultaneously. Extraction can be via fixed hoods or mobile extraction arms which can be supplied in lengths of 1.5 – 9m and be easily positioned by the operator to give effective extraction at any point on a large work piece. High vacuum solutions allow the use of on-tool extraction and additional clean-up points within the workshop, both capturing the contaminant at source, and utilising the versatility of this system to allow for a cleaner and safer work space.

A variety of filter units are available to ensure that the harmful fine dust captured can be safely disposed of. AES can also design a system with high efficiency HEPA filtration to recirculate the cleaned air back into the workspace if wall or roof penetration is not possible to allow externally vented system.

Central Low Vacuum, High Volume Systems with Extraction Arms & Hoods

For manual, non-powered processes such as traditional hewing, a low vacuum system using extraction arms can be the ideal solution. The hoods themselves can also be fitted with lights to give the user a better view of the working area.

AES have installed these systems in a number of workshops including the renowned Historic Scotland site at Forth Valley College.

Central High Vacuum Systems

For processes where powered hand tools are used to cut stone or brick, containing Respirable Crystalline Sillica (RCS), on-tool capture using a high vacuum extractor can be a very effective solution for the control of dust. For large workshops ducted extraction systems can be ideal.

These systems consist of a high-pressure fan and filter unit which is ducted to the areas where extraction is required. They can also provide plug-in points for bench and floor cleaning without the need of additional portable vacuums.

Centralised Cleaning Systems

In accordance with the Health and Safety Executive’s guidance, stone and brick dust containing Respirable Crystalline Silica (RCS) should not be dry brushed, but instead should be vacuumed using either a centralised vacuum with plug in points or a portable unit fitted with a HEPA filter. AES offers a selection centralised ducted high vacuum systems and portable specialist extract units with fine filters that allows customers to keep workplaces clean and meet the HSE’s requirements.

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View a video of one of our centralised stone dust extraction installations below

Stone Dust Extraction Centralised System with Arms

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