Capture dust directly from the source with on-tool solutions

Capture dust directly from the source with on-tool solutions.

The most effective way to capture wood dust from hand tools, is by connecting a high vacuum unit or plug in point directly to the tool.

Extraction shrouds and attachments fitted to hand tools efficiently capture harmful wood dust particles directly at the source.

Centralised High Vacuum Extraction & Cleaning Systems

These systems offer a central source of airflow and filtration for the extraction of wood dust and can be designed to flow throughout a workshop area.

Portable/Mobile Units

There are many high vacuum portable extractors within the market – AES have the knowledge and experience to provide you with the correct recommendation for you application.

We work with the industry’s leading manufacturers including Dustcontrol and Nederman to provide the most versatile ranges of products within the UK.Portable units can be connected to multiple attachments – making them extremely versatile both within the workshop and on site.

Another benefit of portable units is the ability to connect these products to floor cleaning kits, removing the need for brushing of dust which is prohibited by the HSE.

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