Downdraught Benches and Extraction Tables for Hand Tool Woodworking

Downdraught benches are the ideal solution for sanding etc of small to medium sized workpieces at a fixed location. Various options exist when it comes to downdraught, and AES are here to help you find the ideal solution for your needs.

The benefit of downdraught is that it allows the user to work with hand tools whilst providing a source of extraction, drawing the dust away from the user, and doubling as a workstation.

Fixed & Mobile Recirculating Benches

Maximising space and efficiency in small to medium sized workshops is essential. A mobile/recirculating bench can be situated anywhere in the workshop, giving clients the flexibility of source extraction, with the addition of a durable work surface.

Benches can be installed to suit a particular location, or supplied with castor wheels to provide increased versatility. These benches can also be fitted with additional features such as automatic filter cleaning with air pulse from reverse jet compressed air and filter monitoring systems for increased life of the filter media.

Many recirculating downdraught benches are now available in 240v supply with standard UK 13 Amp plugs (3 pin) and are fitted with castor wheels on the base of the unit as standard, so it can be moved around the workshop when required.

Another added advantage of these benches is the ability to store the bench away when it is not required.

These benches are available from AES and our partners such as GEF and Airbench. Contact us today to find out more, we would be happy to specify the bench that fits best to your requirements.

Fixed, Ducted Downdraught Benches

AES can supply downdraught benches that are connected to centralised fan and filter systems mounted either externally from the workshop or locally to the bench.

Benches can be connected via. ducting to separate fan units mounted in any location, with a filter system to clean the air before the discharge is exhausted to atmosphere.

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