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The E-Pure ASPRA range helps to create a sustainable working and living environment by providing easy access to industrial dust extraction solutions. Each filters are patented ASPRA technology, provided by VFA are environmentally friendly, uses electrostatic and mechanical filtration and has been successfully tested against microbes.

It helps clean the ambient air of viruses, bacteria, fine dust, fungus, mould, odours, and gasses from the air we breathe.

The E-Pure ASPRA Technology

The E-Pure ASPRA technology starts by extracting bio-aerosols from the air and guiding them to the filter.

Once inside all biological pathogens such as viruses, bacteria and fungi, next to particle matter and gases are positively ionized by an electric field. This electric field causes them to be positively charged and killing or deactivating the biological pathogens.

The charged pathogens and particles are then guided and captured in a collection chamber preventing them from spreading any further and removing them from the air permanently.

The cleaned air is then recirculated into the working environment.

Advantages of E-Pure ASPRA air purification

  • Efficient removal of fine dust, purifies the whole room
  • Outperforms HEPA filtration
  • High filtration efficiency (99%)
  • No microbial growth in filters, kills and inactivates viruses
  • Removes gases and odors from the air by adding Active Carbon Filters
  • Low energy consumption and cost efficient & flexible placement
  • Low maintenance, low sound production and easy filter replacement

E-Pure ASPRA Product Range

  • The E-Pure ASPRA M2500 – with a capacity of 2.500 m3/h, is a stand alone (mobile) unit.
  • The E-Pure ASPRA L5000 can reach an airflow of 5.000 m3/h, and it is a wall/ceiling and floor unit.
  • The E-Pure ASPRA P10000 has an airflow of 10.000 m3/h. It is a stand alone, stationary unit.
  • The E-Pure ASPRA S400-L has an airflow of 400 m3/h. It is a portable unit, which can also be mounted.

E-Pure ASPRA Data Sheets

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