The most energy efficient industrial ventilation system available

The award-winning industrial ventilation SmartAIR® system is suitable for virtually all fume and dust extraction systems, meaning that your company has the opportunity to take control of your energy efficiency; achieving the maximum reduction in your carbon footprint, from your industrial fans.

Key Information

Upgrade your current system
Existing industrial ventilation systems can be upgraded to SmartAIR® , with re-use of inverters if available.

Precise Control
Maintains precise control of airflow for each extracted branch, maximising efficiency and ensures optimum control of exposure to hazardous substances.

Energy Savings
Optimal extraction rates minimise fan energy costs and avoid unnecessary loss of heat and product being processed. Typical energy savings between 40-50% per annum of installed system price.

Reduced Running Costs
Optimal extraction rates extend filter life and reduce pulse-jet cleaning costs whilst minimising wear and tear, downtime and noise exposure

Return On Investment
The period it takes to pay back the SmartAIR® cost from energy savings can be as little as 12 months.

Carbon Trust Funding Assistance
End-users can benefit from assistance with capital funding for SmartAIR® ‘approved technology’.

Upgrade your existing dust extraction system

The energy efficient SmartAIR® system is modular and versatile, with a simple analogue interface for inverter control, which allows virtually any inverter to be used.

This enables existing fans & inverters to be used where available, meaning that if you already have a system in place, SmartAIR® is available as an upgrade within your business, whether that is a woodwork shop, factory or any other relevant workplace.

Save energy and reduce your costs

With precise airflow control of each extracted branch and optimal fan control, SmartAIR maximises fan capacity and control of hazardous substances; keeping your running costs and carbon footprint as low as possible.

The system costs are recovered by the energy savings, achieving a return of investment as little as twelve months following installation.

Smart Air Video

View the features and workings of the SmartAIR system in action.

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