Oil Mist Extraction & Filtration with Direct Machine Connection

AES provide solutions from many manufacturers that can be installed directly on to a machining center. These oil mist filters are capable of both extracting the air within the machine away from the operation area and also filtering the coolant mist for recirculation back into the workplace as cleaned air. We offer solutions for CNC machining, grinding applications, cutting & metal turning and also neat oil applications. The filters listed below are suitable for various types of oil, coolant and lubricants used within the manufacturing industry.

Filtermist Oil Mist Filters

The Filtermist FX & S series of oil mist filters are a compact and effective solution for the extraction and filtration of oil and coolant mist from manufacturing environments. The versatile range of filters provides solutions to suit a wide range of machining operations. The Fusion afterfilter range also provides a cost effective way to remove submicron neat oil mist particles from workshop air.

Nederman Oil Mist Filters

The Nederman NOM series of filters are designed to extract and filter harmful coolant and oil mist from machining centres, the smallest NOM4 can be directly mounted to small machines, larger models such as the NOM 11 can also be directly mounted like in the image to the right, however these systems can also be utilised as a central system for multiple machining centres allowing for filtration of large amounts of coolant or lubricant.

ESTA Oilmac Range

OILMAC coolant mist filters from ESTA are designed to be installed directly on the enclosure of a machine to provide powerful removal and filtration of harmful oil mist particles. These systems offer a 3-stage filter system to effectively absorb the cooling lubricant mist and smoke that arises during the machining operations. An added benefit of the OILMAC range is that the filtered lubricant can then be fed back into the machine, recycling the lubricant as it is used and reducing costs.

AOF Oil Mist Filter

The AOF Range of oil mist filters have been specifically designed for the elimination of oil mist, smoke and odour, typical of wet CNC machining operations and metal cutting applications. These filters promote ease of use and low maintenance whilst offering a high level of performance with filter clog monitoring, advanced filter technology and a high efficiency HEPA filter to eliminate dry smoke for operations which use straight oil.

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