Solder Fume Extraction kits

AES supply benchtop solder fume extraction kits from a number of manufacturers. These typically consist of a flexible extraction arm connected to a small filter unit mounted under the bench. These kits are an economical solution where a small number of stations are required.

BOFA Gold Partnership

AES are proud to be a gold partner with BOFA in the UK, offering the best value and highest quality solder fume extraction products available on the market.

The BOFA V range of benchtop extractors are equipped with flexible stay-put extraction arms for source extraction of soldering fumes. Bench and unit mounted arms are becoming increasingly popular in the industry, offering the user with increased versatility and freedom when working on intricate soldering tasks.

As partners with BOFA we can also provide design, installation and service support for all BOFA products and systems throughout the UK. We have completed multiple projects in partnership with BOFA providing installation, commissioning, LEV Testing and product training.

Small benchtop units are an ideal way for individual users to have a safer workstation when working with solder materials. The larger benchtop extraction units can facilitate more users and have increased performance, find out more in the sections below.

Single Arm Systems

Small units such as the BOFA V200 are ideal for single workstations, providing the operator with a single extraction arm for local extraction from harmful solder fumes. This particular unit is a cost effective option for a single workstation as it comes supplied as standard with a single arm that can be mounted directly on to the unit, or mounted with a bench-bracket.

Through-desk systems are also available for these units for workplaces where aesthetics ae paramount. All single arm units only require a regular pin 13 amp plug and UK socket, therefore every unit is plug-and-play straight out of the box.

Dual Arm Systems

For increased performance, or for two operators, dual arm units are available. The best-selling and industry leading BOFA V250 unit is available ex-stock from AES. This unit is fitted with two self-supporting extraction arms, which are connected either directly to the unit, or can be bench-mounted (as in the image to the right).

The V250 provides increased versatility as it can be used for two operators, or one inlet can be blocked to provide additional performance through a single point for heavier soldering applications.

Multiple-Arm or Larger Diameter Arm Systems

For multiple arms or arms of larger diameters, BOFA provide units such as the V600 which can handle up to 7 x 32mm arms, 5 x 50mm arms or 3 x 75mm arms for increased capacity and larger soldering areas. The V600 can also be fitted with 50 or 75mm arms for 2 x downdraft trays or cowls.

AES can provide design and installation works for systems which require some ducting to provide additional extraction points. Get in touch and find out how we can help you find the correct solder fume extraction product for your business.

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