Solder fume extraction provided by convenient attachments to soldering irons - extracting the fume directly from the solder tip.

An alternative solution to extraction arms is the use of on-tip extraction. In this case the extraction is built in to the soldering iron by the means of a universal kit, and the harmful fumes are extracted at source.

These systems are designed to create a high-vacuum airflow to allow the hazardous soldering fumes to be extracted through the small hoses and attachments of the universal soldering iron extraction kit. These systems can be used for as little as one operator and up to 100 individual soldering tip points serviced by a single machine.

Single Tip Extraction Systems

These small form factor systems fit neatly underneath operator workbenches to provide source extraction form manual soldering operations. Each unit comes equipped with a soldering iron extraction kit, a simple system that allows for a direct extraction point just above the soldering iron tip.

The Bofa T1, T2 and TVT2 are ideal for these situations and where space saving is paramount. The TVT2 is also compressed-air powered, allowing workshops and smaller facilities to

Central Tip Extraction Systems

These systems can be supplied for any size of soldering line or workshop. With units ranging from 2 to 100 users, these central high volume solder tip extraction systems allow a full team of operators increased protection during working processes. The Bofa T range of extractors feature increased capacity.

Tip Extraction Products and Kits

BOFA manufacture a universal solder tip extraction kit, which can fit to any of the ‘T’ range of extraction units. The ability to connect multiple kits into a single system allows a line of soldering operators freedom and ease of use.

Once major benefit of this kit is the attachment and installation, which is easily achieved with all parts included to plumb in to an existing system, or to replace an existing kit. You can see the different features and benefits of this type of system below.

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