Extraction solutions for welding and grinding

Downdraught benches are the ideal solution for welding small to medium sized workpieces at a fixed location. Various options exist when it comes to a downdraught configuration. AES are here to help you find the ideal setup for your business needs.

View our video below for the AES BC Downdraft bench!

AES BC Extraction Bench Animation

View our latest animation for the new AES BC Extraction bench showing the airflow pattern for capture and exhaust, filter cleaning with compressed air and easy vacuuming of the collection drawers.

Fixed Downdraught Benches

Ducted downdraught solutions can be installed and connected to an existing or new centralised extraction system or fixed alongside a separate filtration unit or wet collector. This provides a single workstation for the extraction of welding fume and grinding dust. The extraction bench, which doubles as a workstation, can allow the user to weld and finish small to medium sized workpieces at a single location.

Fixed benches can also be supplied with recirculating filters, allowing the contaminant air to be captured and cleaned before being exhausted back into the workplace, our AES benches are supplied with silenced discharge ducting allowing quieter operation and the recirculated air is expelled away from the operators breathing zone and floor space.

For larger workshops, benches can be installed in succession providing fabricators with individual workstations for all metalworking tasks.

Mobile Extraction Tables

A mobile solution combines the efficiency of a downdraught bench with the versatility of a portable extractor.  These benches recirculate filtered air back into the workplace and are fitted with castor wheels.

Mobile benches can be used for multiple applications – with a wide range of filtration and cleaning options available. Benches can be supplied with HEPA filtration for fine dusts and particles and with automatic compressed air cleaning to increase the lifetime of the filters and keep running costs down.

The advantages and benefits of downdraft bench technology

  • Single workstation – keeps processes contained within the bench
  • Downdraft draws the contaminant away from the user’s breathing zone
  • Ideal for small to medium sized work-pieces
  • Can be fitted with back/side panels and silenced ducting
  • Consistent airflow across the full working area
  • Heavy duty work surface for items of significant weight/heavy material
  • Can be fitted with filtration and reverse pulse cleaning to recirculate into the workplace
  • Can be fitted with specific filtration for welding & grinding processes
  • Eliminates the need for a capture hood or to move an extraction attachment

AES GPB Downdraft Extraction Bench Demonstration

View the video demonstration of the AES GPB downdraft bench being used to extract welding fumes and the difference when extraction is present compared to when it is not.

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