Portable extraction systems are an ideal solution for smaller workshops where light/infrequent welding and fabrication work takes place.

Small mobile extraction units can be used in confined spaces where standard extraction arms are not practical. AES can supply a wide range of products from a number of manufacturers, giving our customers freedom of choice when selecting the best possible product for their workshop.

Single Arm Extraction Units

Possibly the most common LEV product within a small welding workshop – these units are ideal for weld fume extraction at a single workstation. Providing a capture hood, extraction arm and filter to recirculate the cleaned air back into the workplace.

Units with single arms can be configured to suit all types of welding from occasional service and maintenance jobs to full scale production welding with cartridge filter units using compressed air reverse pulse cleaning.

Common products within this range include the AES Weld Cube, Nederman FilterCart, Geovent W3 Unit, ESTA SRF K-10 and Nederman FilterBox.

Mobile Downdraft Tables

The most sought-after solution from the HSE when welding or grinding is a downdraught extraction bench to seclude the process and enclose the contaminant as much as possible.

These versatile units can double as a workstation and extraction solution, allowing the user to fabricate small to medium sized workpieces in a single area. The addition of castor wheels allow the unit to be stowed away or positioned anywhere in the workshop, ideal for when space is essential.

AES can supply units from GEF, Airbench, ESTA, Nederman and many others, please get in touch with your requirements and we would happy to find the correct bench for you.

Portable High Vacuum Units

Portable high vacuum units can be fitted with multiple extraction attachments. Including connection to on-torch extraction, magnetic HV silenced and fishtail nozzles.

On-torch attachments provide effective extraction performance directly from the welding MIG torch, nozzles can also be provided with magnetic base plates and can be secured to the workpiece or workbench and positioned for optimum capture at source.

The small form factor of these units makes them extremely portable, allowing operators to place the unit in hard to reach places. Common uses for these products include shipbuilding and steel frameworks for construction.

Twin Arm Extraction Units

For multiple workstations where welding is taking place simultaneously – workshops can utilise the capacity and range of twin arm units. These extraction units can be used for both welding and occasional grinding, allowing multiple processes to be completed without the need for an installation.

Fitted with cartridge filters which can be cleaned via. mechanical rubber paddles or compressed air, the filters stay cleaner and more efficient for longer and reduce overall life cycle costs in the long run.

The Nederman FilterBox and ESTA SRF K15 are readily available from AES, please feel free to contact us to discuss which unit would be best for your application.

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