Extraction solutions for welding and fabrication

Our bespoke centralised low vacuum systems allow you to extract high volumes of fumes and dust from welding and fabrication operations within manufacturing facilities and workshops.

Extraction Arms

Extraction arms can range from 1.5 – 10m in length and be connected to an internal or external filter unit and fan. AES work with a wide range of manufacturers offering extraction arms for all applications and requirements.

Extraction arms can be supplied in Ø160mm – Ø200mm and can be used with extension booms if needed for extended reach over large areas.

Extraction arms can be configured with flexible ducting with internal support or external structures supporting rigid aluminium arms for reduced pressure loses within the system. A popular choice for smaller welding bays is a telescopic arm which can be extended in length from 1.5m to 3m and stored to a low profile when not in use.

Fan and Filter Units

AES can supply a range of fan and filter units to suit any size of workshop. Sizes range from small integrated systems to service a single extraction arm, to large filter units coupled with high air volume fans for multiple arm systems for large scale production.

Filter units can be either vented to atmosphere through filter media or fitted with high efficiency HEPA filtration to recirculate back into the workplace.

Controls, Automatics & Inverters

Where systems with multiple arms are connected to a single fan it is often the case that systems are operating on full load even if only a few arms are in use. By introducing our range of control units such as automatic valves and inverter controls, we can ensure your extraction system is working at the correct capacity at all times and only operating when required.

Benefits of these controls include energy cost savings and improvement of system performance.

Designed specifically for you

AES have the ability to design your welding fume system specifically to meet your requirements. If you would like to know more about the services and products we offer please give us a call on 0800 032 0895 or email at info@aessolutions.co.uk.