Cleaning the air in your workshop

As a complement to an effective local exhaust ventilation system, workshop air towers / ventilation systems can be used as an additional measure to source extraction to provide a cleaner and healthier working environment.

Unlike conventional factory ventilation, these systems do not need ducting to be installed. Just set it up, connect the electrics & compressed air… and you’re done.

AES have installed NOVUS units in larger workshops for business with multiple welding locations throughout a facility, helping create a safer workplace overall. Read more below to explore this concept.

You can also view our product brochure below and the documents showcasing the available technology packages for this equipment.

How does it work?

Warm air from weld fume and other processes containing contaminants rises to the top of the workspace and then cools, causing the contaminant to return to ground level where it can be breathed in. The Novus Air Towers work with this thermodynamic effect to create a layer of clean filtered air at a low level.

Warm contaminated air is drawn into the Air Tower at high level, filtered and returned to the workplace in a draught-free manner at ground level. The clean warm air then rises and helps to keep contaminated air at high level until it can be filtered by the Air Towers. This process ensures clean air in the breathing zone and reduces heating costs as the warm air recirculated to ground level rather than being extracted from the building.


The contaminated room air sucked in at the top of the unit flows through a multi-cyclone pre-separator (with protection against sparks and coarse dust) and is then filtered in two stages, first through BGIA-approved long-life filter cartridges and then through a fine F9 filter.

The W3 rated systems can be fitted with high efficiency H13 HEPA Filtration.

The Unit

The units have fully automatic cleaning and thus permit trouble-free continuous operation of the system. The separated dust (including coarse particles) is collected in a special dust collecting drawer that can easily be removed. Fine dust is filtered over two stages, first with a M-class cartridge filter and then through a F-9 filter in the standard filter or HEPA class filter in the W3 unit.

The third filter stage of class G4 in the discharge panels assists equal distribution of the air and protects the unit against dust entering from outside when the unit is not operating. The cleaned air is discharged at low velocity through the three large discharge panels at the bottom of the Air Tower. This means that the return air is draught-free and quiet.

The NOVUS Air Tower

A detailed look into the Novus Airtower ambient welding fume filtration unit.

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