All you need to know about weld fume and our extraction solutions.

The fume given off by welding and hot cutting processes is a mixture of airborne gases and very fine particles which can cause ill health if inhaled. The toxicity and concentration of the fume depends on the material being welded and the method used however all welding fumes are now considered to be carcinogenic.  The HSE states that LEV controls should be provided and used for all welding activities.

There are a wide range of extraction solutions available for the control of weld fume. The correct solution should take into account the type of welding, substrate material, frequency of welding and size of workpiece.

Downdraught benches

Downdraught benches are the ideal solution for welding small to medium-sized workpieces at a fixed location. These benches can connected to a centralised extraction system with fixed ducting, or can be configured as a recirculating solution with castor wheels and filtration suitable for the contaminant type.

AES work closely with a number of downdraught bench manufacturers to provide solutions for all workshops and fabricators.

High Volume / Low Vacuum Systems

Centralised systems are an economical and flexible solution for any size of workshop as extraction arms can be sized and positioned to cover large working areas. AES can design and install systems that are suitable for all sizes of workshop and for a range of operators.

The flexibility of a central system allows you to connect a varied amount of extraction attachments to the system including extraction arms and downdraft benches.

High Vacuum Systems

These systems provide effective extraction for on-torch welding, high-vacuum arms, nozzles and also workplace clean-up kits. Available as a centralised fixed ducted system, or included in a portable solution for a single operator up to 4 welders connected to the same unit.

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Portable extractors

Mobile and portable extraction systems can be the ideal solution for small workshops and occasional/light welding. We work with a number of suppliers such as Nederman, ESTA, Translas, Dustcontrol and GEF who specialise in the design of portable solutions for the extraction of welding fume.

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Ambient Air Purifiers

As a compliment to LEV, air towers can be installed to help improve workshop air quality without the need to exhaust to atmosphere thus providing an energy efficient solution.

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