High Vacuum Systems

AES can install high pressure centralised systems to achieve impressive extraction of welding fumes and grinding dust. These systems are extremely versatile and can be fitted with a number of different extraction attachments.

Fan and filter units can be situated internally or externally and come with a number of configurable options to suit your workshop. High vacuum systems have become more compact over the years and fan noise has reduced, providing a quiet solution with a small footprint.

Fixed Extraction Arms & Nozzles

Centralised extraction installations allow multiple users to be connected to a single fan and filter unit. Central systems can be fitted with multiple features such as in-line spark protection, automatic stop/start function and filter cleaning.

Extraction arms provide point-of-use extraction for each operator, the arms themselves can range from 2m to 10m in length and can be fitted with silenced nozzles specifically designed for high-vacuum extraction.

On-Torch Extraction

One of the most effective and advanced ways of capturing welding fume directly from the source is via fume extraction welding torches.

AES can supply and install systems specifically designed to ensure effective extraction from the welding torch, without the need for additional products such as extraction arms or downdraught tables. Fixed and portable systems can be coupled with high vacuum silenced nozzles and slot hoods to suit your application where on-torch is not suitable or available.

Clean Up Plug-In Points

An added feature of this system is the facility to vacuum up dust using our extensive range of floor and bench cleaning attachments. Pre Separators can be used in all applications where the extracted material is coarse or voluminous allowing the user to collect the dust at source, prevent transfer through the main pipework and reducing the life of the main filter.

Eliminating the need to dry brush is a major benefit in any company’s dust reduction programme.

Fan & Filter Units

The heart of the system is our range of industrial vacuum fans and filters. Pleated cartridge filters provide a large filter area in relation to their physical size and offer long life with low maintenance. Filter cleaning is carried out by compressed air or reverse pulse.  All dust is collected in easily removed plastic bags which are housed within the collection bin.

Automatic valves fitted with micro switches allow the system to be controlled remotely and the system can provide the correct amount of vacuum depending on the number of points in use. Once all valves are closed the system will automatically clean the filter and sit on standby until a valve is re-opened.

High Vacuum Welding Fume Extraction In Action!

A video of our high-vacuum extraction system installed at a local client here in Glasgow, this system has the capability for up to 33 extraction points with multiple connections for high-vacuum nozzles, high vacuum arms, on-torch extraction and general workplace clean-up.

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