Oil Mist Extraction Solutions

AES offer a wide range of solutions to tackle the harmful mist created during production and machining processes. We work with Filtermist who specialize in oil mist extraction systems to provide workplaces with effective filtration and capture of oil and coolant mist.

Direct Machine Connection

AES have a partnership with Filtermist, offering filter systems that are suitable to be installed directly at the machine. These systems offer direct extraction of the entire machining area and recirculate the filtered air back into the workplace. Click on the link below to view our solutions from our partners Filtermist.

Centralised Oil Mist Extraction Systems

For larger machining shops or single large-bed CNC equipment AES have expertise in the installation of large filter systems with ducting networks, providing a centralized solution within your facility. These systems use powerful fan units and increased filter capacity to capture and clean polluted air from the process and either vent externally or recirculate with additional high efficiency filtration.

These systems can be fitted with energy optimizing technology, start/stop interfaces to suit your production timescales and coolant recovery systems to help reduce costs.

AES specialise in the design and installation of centralised LEV systems, click on the link below to contact us and find out how we can help you specify the most effective extraction system to suit your business needs.

Air Cleaning Systems for Oil Mist

As a compliment to LEV for Oil Mist, AES also offer a range of air purification units which can be utilized to further clean the air indoors. These systems pull large quantities of air through powerful high-volume fans into extremely high efficiency filtration to recirculate cleaned air into the workplace.

There are a number of options for these oil mist filter units from large scale Airtowers to smaller COMPACT units for smaller workshops or specialised process areas.

AES work closely with Air Tower manufacturers NOVUS and offer the full range of air cleaning systems, click on the link below to contact us and find out how we can help you specify the most effective filtration system to suit your business needs.

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