Creating a Safer Work Environment

AES offer a range of air purifiers and filtering units to effectively remove airborne contaminants such as fine dusts, allergens, pollens, bacterias, viruses and other harmful substances generated by industrial processes.

From wall-mounted to stationary, AES supply a large variety of air purifiers to suit your requirements.

The Sasoo Air Purifier

The Sasoo range is designed to filter air in rooms of a surface of up to 100 m². Equipped with HEPA and Carbon filters, the air purifying units are designed to help contribute to a safer work environment. Thanks to their modern and stylish design, the units can fit into any room, whether a business environment, school, fitness club or restaurant.

The Sasoo range recirculates clean air back in the room and maintains optimum air quality thanks to its built-in CO2 sensor. AES supply the Sasoo S (mobile) and Sasoo unit. Click the link below to find out more information on the range.

The Aircube Range

The DC Aircube range has been developed for ease of use and durability.
With a capacity of up to 1800 m³/h (Aircube 2000), the DC Aircube is one of the most powerful air cleaners available on the market. Its ergonomic design, robust stainless-steel chassis and encapsulated fan with variable speed setting mean that the unit can be run economically.

The DC Aircubes are easy to carry and transport from a job to another. The units are equipped with HEPA H13 filters. Exhaust hoses can be used to creative negative pressure in a sealed room.

The Novus Air Tower

The Novus Air Tower extracts and filters contaminated ambient air from the welding floor. Usually placed in the centre of the workshop, the Air Tower draws fumes into its top-mounted inlet and filters contaminated air via a three-stage process. Clean air is then returned back to the workplace from the bottom of the tower, at floor level.

The Air Tower is unique: it does not need ducting as it recirculates the air. The Tower is equipped with a multi-level cyclone pre-separator which ensures that coarse particles are captured initially by the system. A fully automated self-cleaning system which allows dust attached to the filter to be shaken into a collection drawer.

The E-Pure ASPRA Range

The E-Pure ASPRA purifiers extract bio-aerosols from the air and guide them to the filter. Once inside, biological pathogens get positively ionized by an electric field, which causes them to be positively charged. Pathogens are deactivated and captured in a collection chamber, to prevent them from spreading any further. The cleaned air is then recirculated into the working environment.

The E-Pure ASPRA range is composed of four different models, each have a different airflow capacity and dimensions. The units can be wall-mounted, fitted on a workshop’s floor or attached to the ceiling.


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