Centralised High Vacuum Systems for Clean-Up

The installation of a fixed system for centralised clean-up can give many benefits to any workplace.


Operational Efficiency

  • Fewer and shorter breaks in production
  • Reduced maintenance down-time
  • Lower life cycle costs
  • Lower energy costs
  • More efficient waste management/ recycling
  • Allows users to clean-as-they-go

Health & Environment

  • Cleaner and safer working environment
  • Meet the demands of Health and Safety legislation
  • Motivated and healthy employees
  • Improved organisational culture
  • Easier to recruit and retain staff
  • Automated recycling


Pre-separators can be used in all applications where the extracted material is coarse or in high volumes. These units can be placed in the actual workplace for separate handling or recovery of the extracted material, or centrally.

Pre-separators separate material from the air flow and finer dust particulate using cyclonic action or with inertial separation. When the air-flow changes direction abruptly, separation occurs for the particles with higher relative mass.

When pre-separation is used to accommodate higher material volumes it is also important to consider the type of material discharge to be used. Our partners such as Dustcontrol offer a range of different standard options including; screw compaction, airlocks or container collection.

Workplace Equipment & Machinery

In addition to workplace cleaning, the equipment within workshops can also be connected to the centralised extraction system through directly connected suction casings.

Suction Casings can be fitted directly to a number of handheld tools such as grinders, sanders and polishers.

Floor Cleaning Equipment

In addition to bench cleaning, another important element of the centralised system is the integration of floor cleaning equipment.

Various floor cleaning attachments are available from gulper tools for large chips and swarf, to stainless steel and FDA approved floor cleaning wand kits for the extraction of harmful dust from the food, drink and pharmaceuticals industries.

Bench Cleaning Equipment

A centralised cleaning system can assist operators with attachments and hosing for the cleaning of workbenches and machine areas. One of the main benefits of these systems is the fact that the operator can clean as they work - without the need for the facility to shut down for cleaning.

For food and pharmaceutical industries, specialist nozzles such as the Dustcontrol FDA Approved Good for Food Nozzles can be provided (pictured above), allowing attachments to be autoclaved and antistatic for harmful dusts.

Ducting System

The ducting system transports the material from the point of collection to the centralised filter unit. For coarse and abrasive dust, thick-walled 1.5mm ducting is used which also helps with sound insulation. Applications with fume and light dust use reinforced spiral duct.
Stainless tubing systems and extra abrasion resistant fittings are available for industries such as food and pharmaceuticals.

AES have a comprehensive assortment of tubing fittings and installation hardware. This gives greater flexibility in design and installation of our ducting systems.

System Controls

Motor starters and System Control Panels regulate the operation of the system, both operation of the fan unit and cleaning of the filter.

A variety of other control functions can be installed as required. Even with a rather basic control system, intelligent features can be included to clear coarse material in the main tubing runs or control vacuum production and therefore energy consumption according to real-time requirements.

High Vacuum Fan Unit

The high vacuum producer is the heart of the system. In high vacuum cleaning extraction systems, the vacuum level is generally from 15–40 kPa. Fitted with a pressure control system, the vacuum level increases as more resistance is presented, an important quality in maintaining consistent pressure an airflow throughout the system.

Filter Unit

An extraction system should always be equipped with a filter unit. Filter units separate coarse material in the cyclone body of the unit and fine dust in an internal arrangement of conical pleated cartridge filters. Pleated filters have very high filter areas in relation to their physical size. The filter units therefore have high capacity while maintaining compact overall dimensions. Filters are cleaned with reverse pulse which results in very effective cleaning, long filter life and low maintenance. Normally the filter units are equipped with a plastic sack for collection of the extracted material but other types of discharge arrangements can also be installed.