Stationary extraction of industrial dust and fumes

The Novus Airline range is the ideal stationery solution for workstation and machine extraction of process-related emissions.

Plasma Dust/Metal Dust/Welding Fumes/Laser Fumes/Grinding Dust/Soldering Fumes

The Novus Airline range can handle various emissions, with only simple adjustments and an extreme flexibility. This is the most advanced solution on the market – benefiting you at all times. The sophisticated innovation meets aesthetics. With a 24/7 continuous operation thanks to effective online dedusting, it can take up to 400 litres dust with just one system.

Its filter cartridges are mounted in a vertical standing position, for the first time in ventilation technology.

The Airline Stationery Filter

The Airline is a Stationary Filter System combining an innovative filtration system with patented EC turbo unit.

Connected to a pipeline system the Novus Airline is the most advanced solution for workplace/factories and machine extraction of process-specific emissions and production machines in continuous operation.

The machine's principle

Contaminated air passes through the pipelines into the Airline and is routed towards the filter elements.

The air flow is distributed optimally in the raw gas chamber, the 3-1 principle takes effect and the filter cartridges clean the air with a dust reduction efficiency of 99.995 percent.

The purified air is then fed back into the room.

Optionally, an additional particulate matter filter to filter class H14 can also be installed upstream of the fan unit.

NEW: Patented EC Turbo Unit

The Novus Airline is equipped with modern EC Fans. Compared with housing fans, EC Fans are quieter, more cost effective and facilitate immediate power control – no frequency inverters required.

In the new drive unit, the potential savings of efficient EC Fans are combined with the performance of a housing fan. The patented and unique technology in the Novus EC Turbo Unit is only available in these units.

As the EC Turbo Unit is also extremely compact, it frees up space for other modules, which results in the unique dust discharge of up to 400 litres.

Flexibility, various emissions and available adjustments

The Airline system design always depends on the specific emission properties. For example, higher volumes of air can be achieved with relatively small dimensions for dry, granulated dusts. A different approach is needed for slightly adhesive emissions.

Various design options available: Airline exists in several variants with four or six filter cartridges. While one Airline with four cartridges achieves a nominal capacity of 4.000 meter cube per hour, designs with six cartridges reach a nominal capacity of 10.000 meter cube per hour. Every Airline can be supplemented flexibly with more. As a result, volume flows of up to 6.000 meter cube per hour or more can be implemented in this way.

NOVUS Airline Features

NOVUS Airline Data Sheets

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